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Great Multi Vitamin

Great multi vitamin with everything you need, no iron so no risk of over dosing on iron. I break open the capsule and drink with glass of water pleasant taste and only one a day.

Lorrain L

Increased my energy levels

I am very satisfied with this organic product, Soil Association Certified. It is packed with essential nutrients and, has helped me cope with my 'Auto immune system' as well as increased my energy levels which, gives people the impression that I am in my 50's rather than actual 70's. Reasonably priced and worth every penny.

Bill Johnston

Love this product

Since discovering Vital Pea Protein Powder, there has not been a day gone by that I haven't had my "fix". I've tried other pea protein powders but nothing compares to the delicious flavour of vital protein. It dissolves like no other for a fantastic smooth texture! I follow a predominantly alkaline, low carbohydrate diet and am lactose intolerant with various digestive complaints, and food intolerances. I choose not to eat soy and am very careful in regards to choosing organic products. I thought finding a protein powder to suit my food requirements (Low Carbohydrate Level, Low Allergenic, High Alkalinity level) was going to be impossible! Most protein products are either whey or soy based or very high sugar / carb ratio or are ladened with artificial sweeteners! Then I discovered Vital protein and have never looked back! I have it AT LEAST 3 times a day, regardless of my training schedule.
I use it in my morning smoothies. Mix it in with chia seeds to make a delicious porridge. I have it on my cereal. Make my own gluten free, sugar free bluberry muffins with the vanilla flavour. And every evening I have a bowl mixed with warm water and mix in blueberries. It makes a delicious, guilt free, desert! Like a premium angel delight! My friends and family, especially the children, love it.
As I train hard I need Protein to support lean muscle mass, immune function, energy and weight control. Vital products support all of this and more. I really notice a difference in my energy levels, performance and satiety if I don't have my pea protein in the mornings. Since using Vital Protein and it's companion Vital Greens together I've seen an even greater increase in my performance and energy levels

Rachel Commerford

Vital Greens have helped me

I feel I must tell you how much Vital Greens have helped me.I became very ill with a virus,and it was a great effort to keep going! However,as soon as I started to take Vital Greens my energy level rose and I was able to cope! Thank you Vital Greens.

Faye Dowling

Quick delivery to Ireland

Thank you for a continued good service, I just cant get these products in Ireland.

Jenny Murphy

Very impressed

Great tasting product! I had the strawberry and will be investing in it consistently in the future. Normally I am a vanilla or banana fan so this was interesting to be drawn towards strawberry!

Jonny Myers


Ive got a pack of both Cherry and Almond and Chocolate Orange.

Both of which are easily the nicest protein bars ive had, ive tried a few other brands and the chemical after taste is no where to be found in these bars.

The only slight dissapointment is that there isnt a huge amount of flavour there for me, its more of a slight hint, and then its mostly flapjack.

But hey, 20g of protein and 300 cals, 16 quid. 5/5

Mark Saxby

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