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The Power Of Spirulina Powder


Many plants have amazing medicinal properties, and Spirulina is among the best of them. It has been used to nourish the body, providing essential protein for growth and cell reproduction. It can be used to prevent reactions to seasonal allergens, and to generally reinforce the immune system. Many have found it effective in controlling high blood pressure and lowering cholesterol. If it sounds like a super food, it is.


A natural form of glue-green algae, Spirulina is actually a single-celled organism found in fresh, warm bodies of water. It has been utilized as a food source for centuries, and continues to be used in many places around the world. Today, it can be found in powder form, which is easy to add to foods or beverages. Spirulina Powder has all the benefits of Spirulina in an easy to manage format.


Spirulina has been found effective by many as an immune system booster. Without the annoying side effects of over the counter allergy remedies, Spirulina Powder can achieve allergy symptom relief. This includes the reduction of nasal congestion and discharge, itching, and sneezing. Without causing dry mouth or fatigue, Spirulina can be used to manage you seasonal or ongoing allergy symptoms.


Spirulina has also been shown to balance blood pressure and normalize cholesterol. High cholesterol and hypertension represent serious health concerns that impact millions of Americans. High blood pressure and cholesterol lead to an increased risk of heart disease, heart attack, and stroke. Spirulina Powder has been used effectively in both men and women of all ages to regulate blood pressure and reduce the risk of these health maladies. 


In addition, vegans and vegetarians alike are often in search of an animal-free, dense protein source. Spirulina powder may prove to be the perfect solution for many. While nuts, beans, lentils, and soy are all non-animal sources of protein, none of them pack quite the protein punch that Spirulina does. Its percentage of complete protein significantly exceeds that of beef! An excellent source of minerals and amino acids as well, Spirulina is readily absorbed by the body. Just a couple of tablespoons will act as a complete protein supplement at any meal.


Spirulina truly is a super food. A power-packed gift from nature, Spirulina will surely improve your daily life. Its protein can be used to build strong muscles and connective tissues. Its hypoallergenic properties can keep you from sneezing and sniffling without drowsiness. Its abilities to regulate cholesterol and blood pressure can reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke. Easily obtained and assimilated, Spirulina should become a part of your regular health supplement regime.


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