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Improve Your Immune System With Probiotics


You can improve your immune system through using probiotics as a supplement to your diet.  Probiotics are friendly bacteria that are composed of living micro-organisms that are a valuable part of our diet and help with digestive problems.  Our body is in optimal health when we have a good balance of the good as well as the bad bacteria.  Our balance can easily get messed up from taking medications, changing our diet, diseases in our environment and so forth, but you can help to keep your body healthy by adding the healthy bacteria back into your diet so that you can ward off health problems. 


These healthy bacteria’s can help your body to maintain a balanced digestive tract that will eliminate the harmful bacteria’s that may cause toxic chemicals in your body.  They also help to increase your immune system and help your body to fight off skin infections, yeast infections and other auto immune disorders.  You can find healthy bacteria in a number of foods including yogurts, granola, cereals and certain juices.  You can also purchase probiotics from your local health food store in a liquid, capsule or pill form.  They even have wafers for children that are easy to eat and taste good too.  


When you are born, you get some probiotics naturally from your mother, but you may wipe out your supply with the first prescription medicine that you take and so you will want to take some supplements in order to build them back up in your system.  There are several different types of beneficial healthy bacteria that can help to strengthen your immune system and fight off an overabundance of the bad bacteria’s.  Lactobacillus is a healthy bacteria that is used for treating as well as preventing health problems and helps in your urinary, digestive and genital systems.  


Bifid bacteria’s help to improve your blood lipids as well as your glucose levels and is another beneficial bacteria.  Saccharomyces boulardii helps to prevent as well as treat diarrhea and can help reduce or even cure acne problems and reduce side effects for certain treatments.  Streptococcus thermophilus can help with a healthy digestion of dairy products and the lactase enzyme can help prevent lactose intolerance.  Enterococcus faecium & Leuconostoc are other Pro-biotics which help to increase your digestion and keep your body healthy.  


Your health care practitioner should be able to help you choose the right probiotics for your needs and can recommend more gentle and beneficial bacteria for young children when they have been subject to a round of prescription medicines for an ear infection or sore throat.  These medicines not only wipe out the bad bacteria, but the good bacteria as well and by taking the right healthy bacteria’s back into your body you can help to boost your immune system so that you don’t get sick again.  

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