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Symptoms Of Deficiency in Omega 3


We all need omega 3 fatty acids in order for our bodies to function properly and when your body is deprived of the fatty acids then you may experience deficiencies in your body that can cause skin problems, focus problems, decreased energy, emotional problems as well as problems with swelling.  It is important that you take omega 3 supplements on a daily basis to keep your body strong and healthy.  


Skin problems are prevalent in people who do not have sufficient omega vitamins and may experience dry skin and hair as well as fingernails that are brittle or soft.  You can also experience eczema and you could have to deal with dandruff as well as dry eyes and other skin problems or allergies.  You can remedy this situation by taking the right about of fatty acids for your body size and type.  


Your brain also needs the right amount of fatty acids in order to function properly and needs this fat to produce neuro-chemicals.  Without these neuro-chemicals you may have a hard time focusing or concentrating on things and may find your mind wandering.  It has been found that many people who are deficient on omega 3 fatty acids are hyperactive and have attention deficits as well as ADD or ADHD.   


Another symptom that can be caused from a deficiency in fish oils is the lack of energy because your blood is not properly circulating.  When you blood doesn’t circulate properly then you muscles and organs will be fatigued because of the lack of oxygen.  This can also cause you to not sleep well.   Emotional problems have also been linked to deficiencies in fatty acids because if your body is not producing enough neuro-chemicals for the hypothalamus to function properly then you will most likely experience anxiety, depression, and irritability.  This can cause mood swings and a wide range of emotions that may be uncontrollable.  


Inflammation or problems with swelling in your joints is also a huge problem for those who are deficient in omega 3 fatty acids.  When you properly take your fish oils on a daily basis you can help to fight off inflammation.


If you are experiencing any of the things that are mentioned in this article, you may want to take a look at the supplements that you are taking and see if you are getting a sufficient amount of fatty acids in your diet and if not then speak with your doctor about what a healthy dose would be for you to take on a daily basis so that you can get your body regulated and free of the symptoms that are caused by deficiency in fish oils.  

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