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Natural Hay Fever Products That Work At Relieving Pesky Symptoms


Hay fever is a very common condition caused by allergies to the pollen in the air put out by the plants in your area.  Some people suffer for just a few weeks during the year when the plants they are allergic to are blooming, others suffer most of the year because they are allergic to so many varieties.  Others just have a stuffed nose all the time and do not really differentiate between different seasons or different plant pollens.  


There are, of course, many hay fever products like medicines on the market that purport to cure your allergic symptoms and some of them work very well.  However, there are those who either do not want to take medications year round for their allergies or they do not get enough benefit from the medicine to make it worth the expense.  So if for one reason or another you do not want to take allergy medicine for your allergies, you may be looking for alternative natural hay fever products that will give you the relief without the chemical issues.  It should be noted that not all of the remedies work for everyone or work as well for some allergy triggers as for others.  You might have to try a variety of different treatments and products to find one that works.  And of course you should probably check with a physician if you have any chronic illnesses or take medications that might be affected by these different herbs.  


Stinging nettle is one promising herb that seems to help decrease symptoms in some people.  You can get it in capsule form and take it when you are suffering from hay fever symptoms to see if you get any relief.  Another very beneficial herb for some people is butterbur (No, not butterbeer!) and it compared well to an antihistamine without the drowsiness side effect according to some sources.  Ginkgo, which is readily available, also seemed to do well when it came to decreasing inflammation of the airways and mucous membranes.  


If you do not find success with herbal options, there are also other possibilities.  For example aromatherapy oils are some hay fever products that can be successful in treating the stuffiness and itchy eyes associated with bad hay fever.  Some people suggest raw garlic as beneficial to reduce the allergic reactions.  Aloe vera gel or cooled teabags over the itchy eyes can also be helpful in reducing the swelling and itchiness that so often accompanies a miserable reaction to pollen and make you suffer so.  One other low-therapy and no side effects treatment that can work is to use petroleum jelly at the bottom of the nostrils to try to catch a lot of the pollen and keep it from being inhaled.  

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