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Health Benefits Of Green Tea


Most people have probably heard of green tea, but are unaware of the benefits of drinking this type of tea over black tea.  Most people use beverages throughout the day, whether it is to quench thirst or calm anxiety, or to help induce sleep.  This type of tea has become very popular over the last few years in western cultures, although it originated in China and was used most in Asia.  But since its popularity has risen, there have been studies done to prove the health benefits of choosing this type of beverage, which has also been used for medicinal purposes in some cultures.  Depending on the situations in which the tea is grown there are many different versions available in different countries.


In the last few decades there have been many research studies done on the benefits of drinking green tea.  Drinking this type of tea has been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease and even certain types of cancer.  While there is no proof of this being a cure for illness, drinking it regularly may reduce the risks of getting these diseases.  It is also believed that this type of tea can change the metabolic rate to a certain point that it may help with weight loss, although this is not necessarily a proven fact yet.  Studies have also shown that it may help with high cholesterol, preventing diabetes and stroke and even holding off dementia.


This tea also contains a high amount of flavonoids, which you would find in fruits and vegetables juices.  Flavonoids are responsible for many anticarcinogenic functions in the body, although the rate of flavonoids varies greatly depending on the type of tea.


In the preparation of green tea, the leaves are processed in such a way that most of its valuable aspects will stay in place.  It also contains many nutrients that your body may not make naturally that are hard to come by.


In the current day and age, you are probably frequently putting things into your body that may not have the right minerals and nutrients.  Fast food, soda pop and energy drinks may taste good and be convenient, but they are not always the best things for your body.  While it may be necessary to eat and drink these things at some times, it is important that you choose something healthy every chance you get.  By choosing green tea, you will add a health beverage to your daily menu that will help to fight certain disease and increase productive nutrients in your body.  So next time you are looking for a soothing drink, try passing up the soda pop or even juice for this healthy drink.


Green Tea

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