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Ways To Make The Goji Berry A Part Of Your Diet


The goji berry is a beautiful little red berry that is primarily grown in China and its environs like Tibet.  They are exported around the world as a health food and some studies have shown that they do have a beneficial effect for some people.  One of the things that is important to note is that they seem to thin the blood a little, so if you happen to be taking warfarin, you should definitely talk to your doctor before you start consuming these regularly.  These typically arrive at stores in a dried form because of the long shipping time although there are some companies that export them practically fresh.  Just like eating any dried fruit, it is definitely possible to rehydrate them and then eat them just as a snack.


No matter how you eat them, they contain all essential amino acids and have the highest concentration of protein found in any fruit.  They have 21 trace minerals and are high in fiber.  They have 15 times the amount of iron of spinach and taste a lot better too.  They also have compounds that are naturally anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial.  They also have antioxidants, like most fruits, and even help boost the immune system.  


So eating them plain is definitely an option because they are a fruit and are sweet and delicious. But there are other interesting ways to incorporate them into your diet and if you are looking for novel ways to increase your intake of very beneficial vitamins, you might consider making goji berry your “go-to” berry.  For example, once they are rehydrated, you can put them into smoothies or puree them and have a delicious drink.  They are often said to be delicious in soups, and it is possible to have tea made from them as well, although that would not be something you would likely make yourself.  


Possibly you could try mixing the berry with other fruit in something like a berry crumble or a pie.  Or, if you want to be more healthy, maybe they could even be tossed into a fruit salad once they have been rehydrated.  In their dry form, you can think of them like raisins and try them in cookies or in granola to add a nutritional benefit to those snack foods.  If you buy the goji berry powder, it can be mixed in to things like cake mix or oatmeal.  


In other words, it would not take a lot of effort to incorporate this delicious little berry into your diet and add a real punch to other foods you are used to already eating or just eat them plain.  Just be sure to buy reputable berries from respected food sources so that you avoid any risk from pesticides or other chemicals that are sadly so common in China.  

Goji Berry

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