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The Benefits Of Cod Liver Oil Supplements


People have been aware of the health benefits of cod liver oil for quite some time now.  It actually can be dated all the way back to the ancient Roman times, where it was given as part of their daily ration fed to the soldiers.  And it is no wonder that it has made such an impression when you know all of the amazing benefits it has on your body.  Cod liver oil is full of great nutrients like the omega 3 chain of fatty acids that your body needs, as well as vitamin A and D which are both really important for your body.  In supplement for now, cod liver oil is easier to take than ever.  Now let’s talk about some of the great benefits you could get from utilizing cod liver oil supplements.


The essential omega 3 fatty acids that were mentioned earlier can help with your all-around wellness in a number of different ways.  They contribute to reducing possible respiratory illness for starters, a great benefit that has been proven in an impressive number of clinical studies done on it.  


First, cod liver oil supplements have been shown to increase the good cholesterol in your body.  One of the studies that were performed on this was done on several healthy young men who had been taking this supplement.  They were all found to have higher levels of HDL’s, which is the good healthy cholesterol found in your body.  It also was shown to lower blood pressure during the 5 week study period.  


Another amazing benefit that the cod liver oil supplement has shown is its ability to lower the risk of children developing diabetes.  Kids who were born to mothers that had taken cod liver oil during their pregnancy showed dramatically lower levels of later developing Type 1 (childhood) diabetes.  It is believed that the cause of this may have something to do with the vitamin D in combination with the fatty acids found in the oil.  Together they seem to have a protective quality against the development of the disease.


Yet another incredible effect this oil has on the body deals with one of the largest, most expansive systems in the human body - your blood vessels.  Cod liver oil actually cleans the walls of your blood vessels.  There was a study that was done on men who were taking 25 mg of cod liver oil daily.  In this study it was reported that the oil was the direct cause of “collagen induced platelet aggregation” being reduced.  It also had an impact on lowering the amounts of the bad cholesterol that tends to stick to the vessel walls.


These are just some of the many benefits that you could gain from taking daily cod liver oil supplements.  But don’t take my word for it, start doing your own research today about how cod liver oil can help improve your health!

Cod Liver Oil Supplements

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