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Amino Acid Products - What Exactly Are They? 


If you are like most people, when they hear the acid, they think of something negative.  Amino acids, however, are different.  They are part of the building blocks in the body. They are essential for the body to function properly.  The human body can produce ten of the essential amino acids by itself but the other ten necessary have to be taken into the body in the form of a supplement or through food.  There are foods in a regular diet that provide some amino acids but it is difficult for a human to consume all the necessary nutrients it needs to function to the fullest.  This is where amino acid products come in to play.  You may need to supplement with a product to get the full amount of nutrients your body needs.  


A healthy person understands how they body works and what they need to feel their best.  Sometimes certain people require more of a certain nutrient in addition to the recommended daily amount.  For some women, they may need more iron, more calcium, and a hormone balancing supplement.  Men may need something for prostate health, heart health, and a testosterone booster as they age.  There is a recommended daily amount of nutrients and vitamins that each human should intake on a daily basis.  It is important to remember that this for the average person, not for everyone.  It is a good starting point but not all inclusive.  


Bodybuilders and those who train heavily will need to increase their amino acid products.  Their bodies need more help in the process of rebuilding muscles.  Most bodybuilders who are training heavily have realized the need for these extra amino acids and will take them in the forms of supplements or added foods.  It is difficult to supplement your diet with everything it needs and not have it consumer your daily life or have it cause you to gain weight.  Amino acid products are a great alternative to eating larger amounts of meats and eggs, which can be unhealthy for your heart and cholesterol levels.  It may be an effective way to add amino acids but you are at risk for other health issues.  


Supplements should always be discussed with your doctor.  Make sure you doctor understands why you are taking the supplements and knows the value of them.  Your doctor should be able to give ideas for how to stack the supplements for your optimal health.  Don’t waste time on a doctor that wants to only prescribe medicine for you after you are ill or hurt.  Your doctor should understand what the body needs and how to get it naturally.  

Amino Acids / BCAAs

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