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The Benefits of 5HTP Supplements 


Even the most healthy person knows they cannot get all the nutrients their body needs from foods alone.  When you realize this, it is important to do an audit of your diet.  Realize what nutrients and vitamins you do get and figure out a way to supplement those you do not.  You may only need a few nutrients or you may realize how deficient you are in one particular area.  This deficiency can affect how your body reacts to the good nutrition you get through food and it may affect how your body reacts to exercise. 


While taking tons of supplements is never recommended, they can be necessary to add to your daily diet.  One particular supplement that many find helpful on a cyclical basis is 5HTP.  It is a naturally occurring amino acid that is part of the family where tryptophan is found.  This nutrient will help boost your mood and raise serotonin levels.  Many times when serotonin levels are low, a person will feel irritable, tired, and even may suffer from joint pain that comes when your body is depressed.  Depression is a serious condition and 5HTP can help raise your brain’s sensors so you don’t feel so down.  It should not be taken daily but you can monitor your levels to know when you need to take it.  If you begin feeling down or seem out of sorts with your normal self, it may be a good idea to take a dosage of the 5HTP before the feelings get more severe.  


Another benefit of 5HTP is it will help promote a restful night sleep.  It can help your brain and body slow down and relax to the point where you can rest fully.  Just as with a Thanksgiving turkey, you feel sleepy from the tryptophan, the 5HTP supplement will basically do the same thing.  Many times the stress and pain we feel in our bodies is related to not getting enough restorative sleep.  This is the sleep our bodies need to recover from the day, from a workout, or the time our brain needs to shut down and rest.  It can also be helpful when we wake up we will not feel the need to snack or graze on items that calm us down.  Some foods have calming effects, foods such as what are commonly called comfort foods.  These foods are generally high in fat and not beneficial to our health in anyway. 


As with any supplement, consult your doctor before taking them and remember there is no miracle cure for everything. Through research, we can help our bodies reach their maximum potential without exposing ourselves to chemicals and harmful treatments.  


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