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In the 1950s, as a result of poor health caused by Meniere's disease, Fred Pestalozzi, the founder of the company, became aware of a natural product containing a special combination of herbs and yeast. After taking the food supplement for three months he had completely recovered and was able to return to work.


This personal experience and his interest in nature prompted him to find out more about this product. He contacted its inventor, Dr. phil. chem. Walter Strathmeyer, and visited him in Germany. A close friendship developed from these meetings, culminating in the German Strathmeyer presenting his friend with the recipe and licence so that Fred Pestalozzi could spread the "miracle potion" among the people.


This was the moment when the Bio-Strath products were born. In 1961, he set up Bio-Strath AG, based in Zürich and Herrliberg, Switzerland.


Today, the plant's output, amounting to some 1.3 million units per year, is automatically bottled, labelled, packed and prepared for dispatch to destinations at home and abroad. With three sales representatives covering the whole of Switzerland, the company employs a total of 15 members of staff.


In Switzerland and in some other countries the name Bio-Strath has been changed into Strath Food Supplements (liquid, Tablets, Drops) and Strath Remedies.


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