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How Antistax® works

Antistax helps maintain healthy leg vein circulation.

The active supplement in Antistax® Healthy Active Leg Capsules is a unique red vine leaf extract called Flaven™, which helps support the normal functioning of the leg veins. Antistax acts to help keep the fluid that flows out of the capillaries at normal levels, even when you’re standing or sitting down for a long time. By helping to maintain a normal flow, ANTISTAX® can help avoid uncomfortable feelings of tired, heavy, aching legs related to everyday life. Keep that ‘bounce’ in your legs and in your life!


Now if everything were so simple, wouldn’t that be something?

Strict guidelines determine which leaves can be harvested, to assure the highest quality and content of herbal agents. The leaves are carefully rinsed and dried, before being enriched via a special process to obtain Flaven™.


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